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Zoe Sallis – Excellent, gentle dentist

De-ientes in Bedford is one of the best surgeries to go to if you need an excellent job done on your teeth and gums. Dr. Rahendra Naidoo is not only a great dentist, but also a wonderful human being; understanding, gentle and kind. My son Danny Huston, an actor, who lives in Los Angeles, comes to De-ientes in Bedford to get whatever dental care treatments he needs. Huston - 24th July 2006.

John and Dawn B– Orthodontics and smile restoration

Thanks to you and your team for the professional and caring way that you have treated my wife and myself in recent months. The restoration that you have undertaken to my teeth is excellent. In fact it is so good you can’t tell it has been done! They blend in so well with my remaining original teeth, and for someone like myself who is dealing with the public on a one-to-one basis all day, my personal confidence has had a very big boost. Thanks to you I can now smile and laugh with total confidence. The orthodontic work and re-alignment on my wife’s teeth has so changed her jaw that the lines that were beginning to show on her bottom lip, have now disappeared. This alone makes her look several years younger, something we are both very grateful for!

Jenny L – Adult orthodontics

As an adult, watching my children go through their Orthodontic treatment, I never imagined that I would have the chance to change my own severe overbite and overcrowded criss-cross teeth that featured a dead tooth in a prominent position. I am so glad I took the opportunity offered by De-ientes, to have treatment at my own dental surgery with someone I knew and could trust. My treatment seemed a long haul but there was encouragement and support all the way through and now each time I look in the mirror I am still thrilled with the results and so grateful to Dr. Sunita Naidoo for her care and expertise.

Douglas N – Dental implants, crowns and excellent general dentistry

After many years experiencing poor dental treatment both in the UK and abroad, 2 years ago I decided to join De-ientes practice list. Since then I have received general maintenance work, crown work, extraction work and dental implant work. I am extremely satisfied with the outcomes and the standard far exceeds anything I have previously experienced. I have been very impressed with detailed evaluation of the problems, the professional expertise and excellent chair side manner, and my unequivocal opinion is that this dentist’s practice is nothing short of excellent, and a credit to the profession. I would not hesitate to recommended this practice to anyone. 

William Smail – Dental implant

Although I was hesitant at first about the process and cost of an implant, Mr Naidoo convinced me this was the best option and should be regarded as an investment. The whole procedure was explained in detail, and I was able to pay in stages. The treatment went very smoothly, I had no problems or discomfort at any stage, and Mr Naidoo's workmanship was flawless. I am delighted with the implant.

Ruth Klein – Dental laser treatment

I have been a patient of Dr Rahendra Naidoo for the last five years; he has been the best dentist I have ever attended. He is friendly, caring, unhurried and extremely skilled. I have had regular dental work done including two painless extractions and a keratosis removed with the latest laser treatment. He also filled a gap between two teeth, after which I was able to enjoy eating again. It is always a pleasure to see him, I have total trust in him and I know he can always "fix it" for me!

Jessica Stratton – Patient dental care

Thank you to the various members of De-ientes Bedford staff who were involved in my dental treatment. I am grateful for the time spent and hard work put in to provide me with an end result I am happy with. Thank you for your patience and allowing me to determine when the treatment was complete.

Kim Loxley – Dentures

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the technician and all involved in the making of my new dentures, top and bottom. They are lovely and look perfectly normal. I can see a lot of skill and time has been spent on them. I am so happy with them; they make me feel good and confident. Thank you again.

Kim Loxley

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